help with php contact us script

on my site i put a contact us script but whenever you press submit a error page comes up. i don’t know what part to put my email in this code so it will send to my email please help. where it says your_email, i put my email there and it still doesnt work.

<?php Error_Reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); while ($request = current($_REQUEST)) { if (key($_REQUEST)!='recipient') { $pre_array=split ("&777&", $request); $post_vars[key($_REQUEST)][0]=preg_replace ("/<[^>]*>/", "", $pre_array[0]); $post_vars[key($_REQUEST)][1]=preg_replace ("/<[^>]*>/", "", $pre_array[1]); } next($_REQUEST); } reset($post_vars); $subject="From ".$post_vars['your_name'][0] ; $headers= "From: ".$post_vars['your_email'][0] ."n"; $headers.='Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'; $message=''; while ($mess = current($post_vars)) { if ((key($post_vars)!="i") && (key($post_vars)!="your_email") && (key($post_vars)!="your_name")) { $message.="".$mess[1]."   ".$mess[0]."
"; } next($post_vars); } mail($_REQUEST['recipient'], $subject, " Contact letter
".$message." " , $headers); echo ("Your message was successfully sent!"); ?>

put it there:

[code]mail("[email protected]", $subject, "


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