Help with PHP coded website

Hey people. I’m new to PHP and this forum. I have some questions regarding how to fix something on my website.

This is a site I’m working on for a client. It needs to be done basically now, so I’m a rush. This is the site:

As you can see there is an ugly grey rectangle on the first page and I cannot get rid of it. I mess with code, I’ve tried so many things but nothing takes teh damn square away. I just need it to put a page in there, and remove the grey. Or place a slide show in place of the grey square. I need help.

But because PHP is so new to me, I’m no fluent in the language and I can’t just look at the code and see what needs to be changed. It just looks confusing as hell.

Here is perhaps what is dictating the grey square? [php]<?php get_header(); wp_enqueue_script( 'slider-main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/slider.js' ); ?>


    Any help you can give me would be wonderful!

I don’t see a grey box, have you fixed it?

This is a Wordpress site so you may be better off asking on the Theme support forum if there is one or on the Wordpress support forum.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I put in that text, with the pics of the flag and eagle because that’s part of the page that needs to be there. But the grey box and all it’s still all there and you can only see part of the text, as the box cuts it off.

I did ask people on WordPress forums and nothing. It’s PHP so I figured maybe this forum could help.

Just had another look for you.

You have a plugin that has something like slider in the title and maybe something like bjqs. That is what is generating this grey area and it is a slider widget that allows content to rotate through this window every x seconds.

Go to Dashboard > Plugisn > Installed Plugins and look for one with slider in its name and disable it. If you can’t find which one to disable post a list of the ones here and I’ll take a look and make a suggestion.

Hope this helps

Thanks. I think it’s a part of the theme not a plugin but good advice. I’ll just pay someone on Fiver to fix it I guess…

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