Help with online form creation

Hello, I am very new to the world of php, I am in the process of creating a website for a friend of mine which requires a form that once filled out will email the information directly to his email. I have the page created and the php script written, at this point I no longer get any error codes when submitted but it is not emailing either? Is there anyone willing to take a look at the script to see what I am missing and thanks ahead of time!

I have attached the script, let me know if you need anything else.

form.txt (6.07 KB)

The @ operator suppress all warnings, so in most cases it should not be used.

The built in mail function is not too good, it will not give you any valuable feedback about what’s wrong (it only return true or false)

You should consider using phpmailer, or another library that give you a little more information about what’s going on

Thanks for the feed back, I am more of a html/css coder and am not that familiar with writing php, would you know a good source for something like you suggested that could be used and modified to include the fields required for my form?

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