Help with my login.php

Ok my site is up an working fine but I have an issue that is bothering me. I am able to create a new user on my site but when I try to login it redirects me to my hosting server login.

What I think is going on is when I click login the url reads and that exactly the same url for my host domain manager login so it just takes me there instead. How do I fix this on my side since I cant change my hosts domain login?

Umm just point the login to a different page instead and rename the page to the new link destination

Ok so i figured that but the problem is I am used to css html sites where I can just find where that button is pointing and change the destination and page. I have no idea where to find where the login button is pointing in a php driven site.

Ok so I renamed my login.php to log.php and went into my .tpl files and changed the base url to point to log but now I get a 404 error when I try to login to the site.

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