Help with cron jobs with MMORPG test based game!



I lunched a new MMORPG text based game, but the player (turns) not working, the (turns) function in the game should be automatically run after 30 min

I tried to search the database bit can’t find any information or tips to let the turns works, I setup a cron jobs as per the script information but also the (turns) didn’t work :-(

I got a hint from a friend that maybe the IP server is involved with the turns, is it true? And how I can let the turn’s works?



A reply from the developer:

You need to write a shell command to execute the PHP script that you want. One way to do this is using wget, a command-line HTTP request tool. For instance,


wget -qO -

will execute script.php, and print the ouput to stdout. If you put this in a cron job, the output will be emailed to you. You can also set up authentication on the script and provide the username and password to wget, which is a good idea to prevent random people from executing that script and advancing the game whenever they want to. Google for the wget documentation for more info.

But its didn’t work and the turns space still empty!!


Did you do this? ‘It didn’t work’ isn’t going to bring us any further in trying to help you solve your problem. What didn’t work? The Cron Job? The wget command? The script itself? What OS is your script running on? I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as a cron job on Windows.


I did all the previos steps mentioned above and the (truns) didn’t work

plus the O/s for the host server is lx not win