Help with country box..

Hey guys, I’m glad I came accross a site like this. My problem I’m having is I purchased a 3rd party Job/Resume site script. My problem comes in with the Country Box. Basically what happens is You choose which country you live in and then the state box populates, you choose which state your in and the city box populates. I would like to take off the country box with out it affecting the state box. I’ve contacted the publisher and they insist that if I remove the country box that the state and city dialog boxes will not populate.

Is there a work around this at all?

Thanks in advance

u should be able to “emulate” the country box insted of removing it.
i don’t know how the stats are updated, if it’s JavaScript/AJAX it might get a little more conmplicated.
but try to use a hidden field with the same name as the country-box and the value u want it to be.

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