Help with Colibri Wordpress theme

I am currently building a website using the Colibri Wordpress theme, which is doing everything I need it to do. I am using the free version as the site is fairly basic and my client won’t pay the fee for the pro version. However, I am hitting a brick wall in being able to find where to change text in the footer - this is not an option in the free version, but the .php files must be somewhere, I just can’t find them. Does anyone know what the .php file would be called for the footer area of this theme, or be able to point in the right direction, please? I have tried all the usual methods - customiser in Wordpress, using theme files, etc. but no luck. I just don’t want certain text and icons that are automatically applied in the footer, as they don’t apply to this site! Thanks very much in advance.


However I would point out that any updates may overwrite your changes and to be honest there are a lot of free resources available that have to be funded in some way by somebody. One way is added facilities and the coder of the Colibri theme is just as entitled to protect their income as you and your client. A purchased upgrade would be more effective and ultimately more supportable.

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