Help with cascaded simple menu

Hi guys, pleasure to meet you.

I feel like this request is so simple but what I am finding is so complex to implement.

The circumstance is a recommendation on a Cisco Router model based on bandwidth selection. For instance if you selected a dropdown option for a 10Mbps circuit it would immediatley output a particular Cisco router model…thats it. Just a static 1 for 1 output. I get daily questions on which model Cisco router to use and regardless of a spreadsheet I send them each time they keep coming and coming and it is making me crazy.

I have no corporate server running PHP or anything. Ideas on a way to make a simple dropdown selection with an output of what to use?

This would be fairly straightforward to set up - if the options are static you don’t even need a PHP server, just a HTML page with the options as hyperlinks.

I’m not sure it would help though - if your users aren’t willing to read a spreadsheet, are they going to read a web page?

You might want to look into some like the following:


It won’t stop them from bugging you, but at least you can say such and such spreadsheet is online?

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