Help with automating tickets

I purchased this plugin and it does everything I need except for auto assign tickets to the right vendors. WooCommerce Support Ticket System by vanquish | CodeCanyon
Is there an easy way to direct tickets (which are in the form of a post) to the right user based on product name, tag, or something else?

That plugin has six months support by the authors. We would need to see a ton of code to help you.
I suggest you check with them as they could add that functionality much faster than we could.

Hello, they just indicate customization is needed and don’t offer the support. Seems strange that there isn’t an easy way to indicate that certain users get certain posts (tickets). Or product authors get product posts (tickets).

I looked at that again and it seems like that site is only interested in making money. Most all of their pages state that the code is as-is and no customization is included. I would look thru all the code and see if the coder’s email is in any of them. Then, you could contact him directly to help you. Odd they would not help further!

Thank you. I can’t be the only person who wants tickets to be automated and limited.

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