Help with a wordpress plugin

I’m a complete beginner regarding PHP btw.

I’m using a plugin in wordpress, that after you enter in a form, basically there’s a pop up box that supplies you with a link, and the popup box has a little “OK” button at the button to close it. I just want to have the OK button not display, forcing the user to click on the link.

I tried to solve this myself, but I have no clue what I’m doing. Your help would greatly be appreciated.

You should add more detail to your question. Like what is plugin’s name? snapshots etc. What have you done so far, code for the plugin etc.

Haha, I guess so.
Plugin: Personal Fundraiser (

I haven’t done anything to the code–it’s as I downloaded it. But this one feature I need to fix. The goal is to take users to the link that pops up. If they click the OK button, then the popup closes and they remain on the current page they started on. So, if I could disable or hide the OK, that would work. Or maybe automatically redirect users to the new link. Either would work in concept.

Now the below is all guesswork on my part, but I think this is where the code prompts the user with their new link, thus creating the ok confirm pop-up:

$update_message = __( ‘Your team has been created and is now available for public viewing at %s.’, ‘pfund’ );

Ok. I’ve downloaded the plugin. But haven’t installed WordPress on my machine ;D Going through all this code would be tedious, can you please share the message that you get when users fills in a form or snapshot, so that I can quickly into that part of the code.

First, thank you so much for even looking into this. This is for a fundraiser, and I’m sure everyone would be greatly appreciative.

Is this what you meant by a snapshot, or did you mean of the code?

Yeah, You got it right, it is a snapshot, but I think you have modified the message.

Is “Your team… Public viewing” the default message??? When you installed this plugin???

oh crap, I totally forgot. Yes, the website owner wanted it to say team instead of “campaign/s”

I only changed the text I believe, and this same error/issue with the popup box occurred before I did this.

:smiley: Ok, so what was the original message???

The message: Your campaign has been created and is now available for public viewing at [link pops up here]

And the title of the box I believe was simply: Campaign added

The exact same, but I put the word team in both spots.

As it involves JS, therefore, I have asked a more experienced programmer to solve your problem. Hope he will post the solution soon.

@tanzeelniazi shared your script with me.

In your user.js script, that creates the dialog you need to tell it to not create any buttons…


[php]buttons:[{text:pfund.ok_btn,click:function(){a(".pfund-camp-locationformError").hasClass(“ajaxed”)&&a(".pfund-camp-locationformError").removeClass(“ajaxed”);var b=a("#pfund-form");b.unbind(“ajaxSuccess”);b.bind(“ajaxSuccess”,



You should just still get the “X” button (or Cancel Button) and the Ok button shouldn’t be their any longer.

I’m taking a guess here, I hope it works for you.

Thank you Henry for helping us out.

@Mike_009. I hope your problem is solved.

I’m impressed. Thank you both so much for your help. Thank you for taking the time period! We got it working now! Again, thank you

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