help with a line of code here!!

header( ‘Location:;jsessionid=0a0114551f433e47145f367442209722906b2393eab4.e34Nbx8MbxuRbO0Lbh0Mch0MahuLe0?compid=ACCT122523&formid=10&h=98007e7fbb9a42bf23ec&redirect_count=1&did_javascript_redirect=T’ );

this is the code for my web form. i know there is something wrong with it, so it cannot redirect to form page. when i change the url to other url like ( ). it works fine. just not this one. can anyone tell me what is wrong with this url??

u didnt tell what error you are getting…

i will try to predict the regulars.

  1. if you are getting an error like ‘header already sent…’ some thing like this, means before the header statement there is an echo statement or a html output being printed.
    sol: you have to make sure that nothing is echoed before the header statement not even blank space.

  2. try replacing the ‘&’ symbol in that url with ‘&’

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