Help with a function

Is there an easy way to only show certain user id’s posts based on tags or urls? (this is in the backend of wordpress)

WordPress is a platform with a front end (visible) and a back end (ADMIN panel)
You are talking about the front end. This is handled usually by a TEMPLATE.
The template shows various things depending on what you need. Perhaps you can tell us which template you are using or show us some code. Since you mentioned user post’s, I will guess you have a forum or blog type of template. If so, there might be options in the ADMIN’s panel for this. But, doubt it.
You can alter the PHP that displays the post’s to check tags if you already have the tags showing somehow.

Very hard to help you with this without knowing a LOT more about your template and/or code from it.

I am happy to give you access to the site if you are open to looking at the code? I am not stuck on the template I have and plan on using DIVI.
I need to use woo commerce products and the ticket plugin - or some ticket plugin.

Well, Wordpress is a platform.
Under that you use a Wordpress template which is a full admin/user website system.
Under that you add in plugin’s. The plugin’s only work with the correct template that it was intended for.

To program it, you need to understand how Wordpress, the template and the plugin all work. Takes a bit of studying to know it all. What was the template you are using and what is the plugin you are using?
And, did you check if the plugin works with the template you are using?

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