Help: Strange access attempt

Hi, I noticed strange access attempt from one IP address to our website and I am worried that someone might have tried to hack into our website, although it looks like the attempt was not successful. Please let me know if you know what this is about. We do not have below files in our server but someone was searching for them. Thanks in advance.


Hackers are searching for older versions of open source scripts like phpMyAdmin etc. These requests are automated - i.e. they are appending these paths to domain names and pinging to check if any of these scripts exists on your site. Probably these scripts known as having security leaks or backdoors. If you do not have any of these files on your site, you do not need to worry about there requests.

Thanks for replying! May I ask whether it is common to receive this kind of attempt and whether it is worth to report this to appropriate authorities, although the attempt was unsuccessful? I appreciate your reply in advance.

I think it will be hard to prove that they were attempting to hack your website. Also, they are probably using anonymous proxy, so investigating can be not too easy.

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