Help Required with Prototype

Hello there,

I have to build a simple prototype of my system design which has to demonstrate functionality but doesn’t have to have functionality.

I am constructing an authoring system for a e-learning system that needs to be able to be “adaptive” for the user.

For the prototype however I just need some simple menu, drop down boxes and drag and drop options. I have pretty good experience with Java but none with php and need to have a semi working prototype by monday and wondered if anyone could lend a hand.

If anyone can then please reply here or message me and ill give you some more details, but its pretty much just a top menu, a list on the left hand side where u can click on an object within the list and it displays the text in the middle box, then u can drag the object into a list on the far side boxes. With then a drop down box to select different sets of the boxes on the right hand side.

Hope someone can help.



Maybe you want to use a CMS like Joomla or something. It shouldn’t be too hard to make what you want, but since you don’t have any PHP experience and a pretty tight deadline you probably want to use something ‘pre-fab’. Other than that, I don’t think you’ll find anyone here that’s willing to do your homework for you ;) We all have our own homework.

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