Help requested to boost small non-profits chance at success


My company has applied for a Mission Main Street Grant in order to fund a special program Media Design has put together for non-profit organizations. Our program provides up to $10,000 per month in free advertising on the Internet.

What we do: We apply for and secure the Google Grant on behalf of the non-profit. We manage the Google Adwords campaign to maximize its value. We build special landing pages and help provide relevant content for the non-profit’s website for events or what ever they need at the time.

How this benefits the non-profit: The program generates more donations, brings more volunteers and creates greater awareness of their cause. Currently we have one associate who is Google Adwords certified and we are very close to becoming a Google partner. Because of the non-profits already using our program we have seen tremendous results, such as double and in some cases triple the relevant traffic on their websites.

What we plan to do with the Mission Main Street Grant: We are targeting non-profits with less than $2 million in annual receipts, because they typically do not have anyone on staff capable of managing a Google Grant. These smaller non-profits are very conservative with their dollars, and are looking to spend in areas they know and are familiar with. We plan to use this grant to cover our expenses so we can provide 6 months of our service for free to the qualifying non-profits. This will give them 6 months of free advertising on the Internet.

We need your Vote: In order to move to the next level in the selection process we need your vote. Actually we need 250 votes by Friday, October 17th; so please share this with your friends, business associates, Facebook pals, LinkedIn connections, and so on and so forth. Click on the following link to vote:
You will need a Facebook account. Type in our zip code, 32216, and you will find Media design.


[member=72272]astonecipher[/member] That link doesn’t work for me.


I updated it to the direct url. Thanks.


Okay, I voted! I’ll post it to my personal facebook page and unlock’s facebook page and see if we can get you the 250 :slight_smile:


Much appreciated! We actually have a very good program setup if you think about what we are trying to do. A lot of these smaller nonprofits don’t have enough resources as it is to get the income they are trying to get to further their cause. That is further exasperated by having fresh volunteers with no real experience in marketing or anything else that can drive what they need to accomplish. Or worse yet, they KNOW what they need to do, they just don’t have the income to do it correctly. Which, we can provide. We have people that have been marketing execs for a number of years that have made big gains for larger companies and can point out what works and will not based on what they want to do.


I want to thank everyone that has lent their support so far. We only need another 21 votes to move on to the next round!


We exceeded the amount needed, we are on to the panel review! Thanks for the help.