Help please with log-in script

I am new to php and found this login script tutorial on the net, now the 2nd one I have tried. I am having a problem with it to where after I have all pages done all setings correct ect. when I try to go to any of the pages it is asking me if I want to save the file or find a program on the net to open it. The 1st tutorial that I tried was the same way but after reading on it I found the problem with it being that “try true” was not in the url. This 2nd tutorial that I am working on now has nothing like that that I can see unless I missed it. Can someone help me out on getting this script to work the correct way. Here is the url to the tutorial if it helps : … p-tutorial

The help is appreciated.

is PHP enabled on your webserver?

What are you doing that you get a message to “Download” the file?
Is it on YOUR site or someone else’s?
What OS are you running?
What version of PHP are you running?
What Webserver are you running?

What Page in particular do you think the problem is? Can we see it? (Url?)

Need more info to answer question(s).

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