Help Please with clean urls

Hi, I am very new to php (in fact about 2 days old). After getting ripped of by my last webhost I have decided to move my website to a different host. A friend has been helping me do this as he has a little info but we are now stuck. My site is a php site with a mysql database. We have moved the database and ftp’d the site and everything is now working on the new server except one thing - my site was deisgned originally to use clean urls?? When I go to my shop page (ie: I get a page not found error, yet when I type in the page displays fine. In addition, if I go to I get a page not found error and if I go to I also get a page not found error even though the page flowers.php exists in the correct folder on the server) I understand this is called clean urls and I need to add an .htaccess file to sort out the issue. I have looked on the ftp area of my old host and cannot find this file but have been told it is probably hidden. I have been told by my new provider that mod-rewrite is available on the server but I have no idea how to write this htaccess file. Can anyone please give me a step by step on how to do this as I am not a coder. Thanks in advance, Dave

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