[HELP]paypal donations

Hello here i am again needing your kindly help well my reason for this thread is that i been all over looking for the answer and i am yet to find the answer: my questions is that if someone donates to me and the payment completes i will like as soon as it completes the payment or donations w/e u prefer to call it, that it will automatically credit their account. i know what database to use and i’m using mssql for that i seen it done in other sites but they will not will me their help so i’m really hope someone can here thank you against just for even reading my thread.

please i really need some help with this i tryed putting my code from a server that haves that working but the forum sed something about hell so i fraked out and now i’m putting this please i need help with this

I think I understand what you are trying to do, sorta, but what problems are you having? What errors are you getting?

the thing is i know how to add the buttons but i dont know how to make that as soon as payment is clear to add credits to the person who bought the credits. i have the code of the buttons

How are the credits stored? Via a database?

Code you show code that is relevant to this portion of application?

yes i use MSSQL i have the table i can add credits to it etc to users i can add credits etc. but how can i make it work? http://teno.no-ip.org/website/ thats the site if you need any info please tell me i can provide u with any

yeah someone please i really need some help my skills are not good enough for this please someone

yes still no help with this =/

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