Help on MySQL query

I have two tables
1st, table name: kayitlar
AND I have two columns
A) lnbler_id(3, 5) - $teklifkayitlari[‘lnbler_id’]
B) lnbler_quantity(1, 2) - $teklifkayitlari[‘lnbler_quantity’]
2nd, table name: lnbler (The following table)

My question is:
I list products into the array with ID, no problem here
I want to include the Product Quantity in this series

-----Product name -----|----- Product Quantity
ID3 – QATTRO LNB --|----- 1
ID5 – MDU5 LNB ------|------2

    $teklif_mdulnb = $mysqli->query("
              FROM lnbler 
              INNER JOIN markalar ON lnbler.lnb_markasi =
              WHERE IN (".$teklifkayitlari['lnbler_id'].")");

    while ($teklifmdulnb = $teklif_mdulnb->fetch_assoc()) {

  $urunler[] = ['urun'=>'lnbler',

and where do we get the quantities from? Are you working on a shopping cart?

No, not the shopping cart,
With a wizard, I save IDs and quantities of selected products in the database
1st, table name: kayitlar
product_id(12, 25, 56)
product_quantities(2, 1, 4)
such as

2nd, table name: lnbler (Products table)
I list products of IDs specified by this

WHERE IN (".$teklifkayitlari['product_id'].")");

I want to show the quantities of

Need to save IDs and quantities in the same column?
Sample: 12-2, 25-1, 56-4 such as ?

i don’t see the problem, maybe because i don’t understand your table layout!9/2206c7/2

I want to run this query,
NOTE: I use INNER JOIN as above,

create table records (id int, product_id varchar(50), product_quantity varchar(50));
insert into records (id, product_id, product_quantity) values 
(1),(2, 4, 6, 9),(3, 5, 1, 4)

create table product_info (id int, name varchar(50));
insert into product_info (id, name) values
(1, 'stuff'),
(2, 'crap'),
(3, 'lost'),
(4, 'bbbb'),
(5, 'cccc'),
(6, 'dddd'),
(7, 'eeee'),
(8, 'ffff'),
(9, 'gggg'),
(10, 'hhhh')

Real query,
Must be two lines but worked one line
product_quantity: 1, 3 // Must be 1, not 1.3!9/053fb4/19/0

change the product quantity value then. Doesn’t really make sense that quantity is a text type.

For “2, 4, 6, 9” what should be?
product_id varchar(50) => product_id int(50) ?

I wrote wrong and deleted it, I took it back and fixed it.
Can’t see the message?

INSERT INTOteklif_kayitlari(id,product_id,product_quantity) VALUES(1, '4, 2', 1);

I don’t understand what this is
Another quantity for ID 4
Another quantity for ID 2
VALUES(1, ‘4, 2’, 1);=====> VALUES(1, '4, 2', '1,3');

What for do you save a quantity of “1, 3” when you want to save a quantity of “1”?

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