Help on a variable

I have a variable ($certificateID) in a script where string could be one of many values sample given below…

<?php /* Settings for the e-junkie script, part of the HTML Executable Administration Kit This script is called by the e-junkie server: documentation available at *** WARNING: ensure information is correct otherwise it won't work *** */ // e-junkie information $ejunkie_display_email = '[email protected]'; // Your display email in e-junkie profile. $ejunkie_login_email = '[email protected]'; // Your e-junkie login email $ejunkie_login_password_md5 = 'e32984cfdb4ccfa4855c752a0b103fda'; // md5 hashsum of your e-junkie password. // Can be generated online at // Ebook Details // Certificate ID = the "Unique Certificate Signature" of the registered certificate you want the user to activate. // See $certificateID = '8EKzn601IkXH7ip4z'; ?>

Each of my books has a unique ID value, and I need to specify the certificate ID for each. The support people who provided this script told me it could be done, but haven’t told me how. Does anybody know how I can achieve this? Many thanks

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