help needed.


i hv to create a form for online exam.
i hv a table called question which has questions for diff sections of tests quantitative,analytical ,english and technical.
the fields in the table are:id, level, section, quest, opt1, opt2, opt3, opt4, ans
id-quest id,
level-level of difficulty (easy,medium and hard)
section-quantitative,analytical ,english and technical
quest-the question,
opt- various option and ans-the correct answer.

in my form 10 questions hv to randomly displayed with the 4 options havin radio buttons.
every 10 sec the question will change.(i hv used meta refresh tag for this)
the form wil hv 2 buttons confirm and next. on pressing confirm the ans wil be verified and score will be updated while on pressin next next question will be displayed. after 10 questions for a section next set of ques for diff section shud be displayed.


  1. i am not able to get the logic of combining the refresh with next button by keepin the count of quest.
    2.whn i use for the same question is bein displayed 10 times instead of 10 diff questions being displayed.


I don’t understand why you want to use a refresh every 10 seconds. I presume this is a simple quiz-type script?