Help needed with php & Zencart Is this possible???

I am trying to hide a value of $0.00 (otshipping) using a Stylesheet. The ID for this value is “otshipping” but I am unable to make this hidden as the css for “totalbox” covers the css for “otsubtotal” , “otshipping” , “ottax” & “ottotal”. The code for the order-totals template is:


<?php /** * Displays order-totals modules' output */ for ($i=0; $i<$size; $i++) { ?>
<?php echo $GLOBALS[$class]->output[$i]['text']; ?>
<?php echo $GLOBALS[$class]->output[$i]['title']; ?>

<?php } ?>

Is it possible to put something in the above code to make just “otshipping” hidden but keep the others visable either by css or another way?

Sub-Total: $6.60 (otsubtotal)

Delivery cost to be advised (Delivery will be invoiced at cost): [b]$0.00 /b

GST: 0.60 (ottax)

Total: $6.60 (ottotal)


We don’t support third party scrips. Sorry. And even someone were able to give you an answer its hard to say what the repercussions of that action could be in later parts of the code. I think your best bet would be to contact Zen Cart people and see if they couldn’t give you answer.

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