Help Needed with code

I am trying to get a my thanks.php and logout.php to look like the rest of my script. It has echo and I do not know anything about it.

Here is my thanks.php:

<?php include "./header.php"; include "./config.php"; echo "

Thanks for making the payment , we verifies each payment manually . We will get back to you very soon after verifing your payment.

"; include "./footer.php"; ?>

Here is my logout.php:

<?php include "./header.php"; include "./config.php"; session_start(); session_destroy(); echo "You are currently logged out. To login in again click here."; include "./footer.php"; ?>

Here is the design I am trying to add:

Put text from each .php here

Once the code is created I need it put back where the text from above is located or know how to add it if the above code does not work.

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