[Help Needed] - Php not inserting into SQL -> bug or Im doing something wrong?

Hello Everybody,

My code is inserting only 1 line to DataBase

Im ofcourse passing an array from html - for example in my html input i set the name like that name=“rooms[]”

My php loop inserting only 1 result to database, but when im echo the variable, it shows that it already contain everything.

Coming from C# background, thinking that this is what making me so confused about php.

Thanks In Advance



$hotelName = $_POST[‘hotelname’];
$roomname = $_POST[‘roomname’];
$promoName = $_POST[‘promotionname’];
$price = $_POST[‘prices’];

$promotionQuery = “insert into promotions (hotelname, roomname, promotionname, price) values (?,?,?,?)”;
$promotionStatement = $con->prepare($promotionQuery);

for ($i = 0; $i<count($roomname); $i++) {
echo $price[$i];
echo $roomname[$i];
$promotionStatement->bind_param(“sssi”, $hotelName, $roomname[$i], $promoName, $price[$i]);


on your development machine you should set PDO to show errors

$pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=someTable', 'username', 'password', [

or MySQLi


I tried this and Im not getting any error.

Is php’s error_reporting set to E_ALL and display_errors set to ON, preferably in the php.ini on your system, so that php will report and display all the errors it detects, which will now include database statement errors?

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