help needed cannot modify or delete post

hi everyone

wanted to ask how do i edit my post as i posted the info in my post



What information did you need edited?

rnb soul records and cd promos da groove records contact form body { background-color: #069; } body,td,th { font-size: large; font-weight: bold; color: #000; }















i need all that deleted as its the wrong code i posted

Then follow up with the correct code. Nothing would need to be changed because you posted the wrong page.

ok but i find it strange that the other post i can see the modify icon but the original post i cant modify it at all.can u at least replace this to the top part of the post. as it looks a bit sloppy leaving it like that and i have not finished working on the page so i really appreciate if u can do this

ok thanks just hope one day i be able to modify my own post as what i wanted changed is still vision on the forum as i can still see what i wanted changed i can see it above but thanks for taking time out to help.i think the forum is very good only downside is posters do not have control over what they post as new members cant modify or delete there own post as that would make things easier to everyone

many thanks


if you cant delete or edit the same just re post the correct code and mention that previous post was wrong.

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