Help multiple data integration using PHP Script

Hello everybody, I have found a lot of amazing advises and codes to improve on own. It seems to be a great site :slight_smile: I actually came from a background of Application programming, however I have just recently pick up a project in php. The project is about database integration, where I have to integrate 5 supplier’s existing data who have different attributes into one. (each suppliers have about 30k data)

Here’s the details, All the suppliers uses different data file, such as CSV and .xls. I am finding a way to integrate all 5 suppliers database into one database so it could be listed out in a shopping cart or catalog for future. However, I am unfamiliar with php, so please advice on how can i go about fixing this problem. The first problem is that each individual suppliers uses a different attributes name, for example

Supplier 1 uses : SupplierName, SupplierID, SupplierAddress, Status

Inside the status, the supplier uses data such as, Good, Excellent, Great

while Supplier 2 uses : SName, SID, SAddress, Status
and inside this supplier, the status data that are being uses is G, Ex, Gr.

How can I set a consistancy on the data and converting all the properties into one so I can import this data into a proper database such as mysql/phpmyadmin.

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