Help: Modifiying code and need a clue.

Thanks for reading. I am currently modifying some existing code (I am not a php programmer). I have a .php file that is generating download links for user uploaded files. The script creates url addresses for the files with the following variables:<?php echo $profile; ?>/<?php echo urldecode($myfiles[$i]['name']);?>

This helps to keep all the files private to each user. What I want to accomplish is use another php script to call this url and preview the media it links to. I’m using a joomla mambot for this called DenVideo. Basically it crawls the site and where ever it finds this code {denvideo url} it inserts a flash media player and plays the video. So what I thought I needed to do was the following:

{denvideo<?php echo $profile; ?>/<?php echo urldecode($myfiles[$i]['name']);?>}

This however doesn’t work. If I manually type out the url without the php calls I get closer but things still don’t work correctly. If anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be really great, this has been driving me crazy for a week.

Do you get any error messages?

perhaps it’s something simple like required quotation marks or something.

No parsing errors or anything like that. If I code exactly like above I get a shockwave flash player with no movie loaded.

edit: It was an overzealous .htaccess file preventing the file from loading. Thanks, my original idea worked after all.

Good! Those pesky config files can cause headaches!

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