Help me.

I am starting a new table in my database that contain Spanish language characters.

The two pages will be nearly identical so I copied the English version that functions without any incident to a new page and changed only the name of the table in the code and it will not show. Although it is not referenced in the code below, I have affixed every type of character set option in doctype, the table, the columns, added a set names utf8, i have no idea why this will not work, especially when it does work on one table and not the other.

Please help me!

Below is the code that I use on the english version. I have omitted irrelevant parts like connecting to the database, but again, it works on this page. If I simply change the name of the table from articles to articulos, it will not display anything, as if it doesn’t connect at all. I haven’t even gotten to the funky characters displaying, I can’t get it to do anything…


$articleID = $_GET[‘id’];

$getarticles = mysql_query("SELECT id, title, img, description FROM articles WHERE id = ‘$articleID’ ORDER BY id LIMIT 1 ");

$article = mysql_fetch_array($getarticles);

$id = $article{‘id’};
$title = $article{‘title’};
$img = $article{‘img’};
$description = $article{‘description’};


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