I need help with my form page… I had a guy make the form for me and he hosted it on his site the link is but i needed to make a few changes and would like to host the page on my web site at however i need to make a file like he did and save it as application_request.php. So that the form will post to my email address and send user back to the home page. I don’t know what need to be typed in to the application_request.php file to make the thing work.

info can be emailed to me at


MOD EDIT: Removed email address

the simplest way would be to have a variable that you just concatenate all the data into such as the


*    rn is a carriage return and line feed  */
$message = $variable1 . "rn"; 
$message .= $variable2 . "rn"; 
$message .= $variable3 . "rn";
$message .= $variable4 . "rn";
$message .= $variable5 . "rn";

* ....... ETC....   8

$message .= $variableN . "rn";


Then when all completed you can call the MAIL function and supply all the other details

$to = "[email protected]";
$subject = "DDC Project HELP Application - From Website";

mail($to, $subject, $message);


This is a very BASIC way of getting the info and does no error checking, however, it will get you the information passed. Of course you have to substitute the appropriate variable names from the form as opposed to variable1, variable2, etc… Also depending on your REGISTER_GLOBALS settings you may have to pull them out of a POST or GET array as well.

Hope this helps.

I removed your email address for anti-spam purposes. Furthermore, we don’t discuss PHP issues in emails, but on this forum, so that others may benefit from the answers and solutions. Also, I’d like to recommend you to contact the guy who created your first application, as I’m sure he’ll do it again for you. Unlike us :slight_smile:

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