help me expert php about little bit php script of just 2 files and 3 or 4 lines


i wana little bit help about url encryption(md5) or any other ecryption i have two files

1: index.php
2: premium.php

i want to access premium.php with url encryption like md5 or any other encryption with in index.php via iframe or any other method. if user directly access the premium.php file the message will show to user “Access Denied!”. user can access premium.php via index.php directly without username and password . mean index.php show the data of premium.php in encryption format and url of premium.php in the index.php file also encrypted user cannot copy my link hope you understand and help me thank you so much


Well, I would suggest just using a “SESSION” variable. You would log in on your index.php page.
The code there will check if you are allowed in or not. If you are allowed in, then a SESSION variable
would be set. The first two lines in the premium.php page would check to see if the variable is set.
If not, it would redirect to the “You Are Not Allowed Here” page… If the variable is set, then, it let’s you in.
This is a common way to handle this. If someone types in the , then,
it just says your are not allowed there…

Is that what you want?