Help me code a category overflow feature for my homepage

I’m running a website on Wordpress and utilizing the latest version (7.6) of the Bimber theme.

I’d like to create a custom php page if need be for this.

As you can see in the photos, the elements of what I’m trying to do are:

  • responsive category layout to place on the home page of a wordpress site
  • thumbnail with clickable category title (centered at bottom of thumbnail)
  • on hover filter application to thumbnail
  • listing out the pertinent posts under each category (bulletin list), that cut off at 5 items
  • below the cutoff point, a ‘+’ number of posts in that category (i.e. +15)
  • on-hover of bottom element (i.e. +15) the box/lists expands to a scrollable list of all items
  • the bottom element (i.e. +15) turns into “Go to Category” link, takes user to said category.

I understand there is CSS involved in this as well.

I’m not a complete beginner,
but for the sake of me really advancing my learning, assume that I am.

I truly appreciate all the help, and am happy to provide as much more info as needed,
I know this may not be nearly enough to go off of, and I’m happy to continue the convo with anyone who can help me code this.

(I can only put one image in post for now, since I’m new).


I am not sure what you need help with. Do you mean you want the page to be taller in the areas that need to be such as Accessories? If so, that is just making the CSS for that DIV to be “height: auto;” or “height: 100%:” depending on the rest of your CSS code.

Not sure what you are asking. “Category Overflow feature”… ???

Thanks for responding Ernie,

I need the whole thing built from scratch. (that is not my site in the picture)

By Category Overflow feature, I mean I need to be able to place categories and their published posts onto the page at will and when a user hovers over the bottom element (i.e. +15) it overflows and expands into a scrollable list of all the posts associated with the category.

The Bimber Viral Magazine Theme?


domenvato PURCHASED

over 3 years ago

Michael, does this theme support “infinite scroll” option from jetpack plugin?, or any built in option available…


bringthepixel AUTHOR

over 3 years ago


We have “infinite scroll” option built into the theme. You can choose from: 1) Load More button 2) Load More button on first click, then infinite scroll 3) Infinite Scroll 4) native WP pages (Next/Prev)

Yes, that is the one

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