Help making effect shower ♥ on click

Is it possible that when a user click anywhere on a page, 5 or 6 &hearts (or other character) can explode from cursor and fall down page?

And if so can someone make it/help me make it?

rescue from 2nd page(bump)

i’m pretty sure you can’t accomplish that with PHP…
you can, however, use JavaScript (or flash), both of which i’m not very good with :frowning:

If you look here: it is a snow effect and the code is free to use so maybe you could adapt that to your needs.


I have the snowing thing. I’m using it to make hearts drift down the screen for V-Day.

What I’m looking for is when a user clicks anywhere, and I mean anywhere, not just a button, a few characters will spawn from the cursor, not the page, the cursor.

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