Help integrating contact form


I have a proprietary custom cms that is several years out of date. The whole thing really needs to be rewritten but I cannot afford that. For now I just want to solve email issues with the existing contact form. I was going to integrate a prewritten phpmailer form with validation and other security features but I don’t know where to put the files in my file structure nor how to use my existing functions to get the users email from the db to the new form definitions. I have been searching and searching online for help but most coding sites want you to register, post a project, interview coders with interest in your project and then “maybe” they will tell you how much it costs (by the way I am a cancer patient buried in medical bills and therefore broke). Anyone anywhere willing to help with this?

Thank you so much


You should probably put the entire application on GitHub so we can review the application as a whole.


will it still remain mine or can anybody take the code and modify it then (I have had requests)?


You could add a license to the repo but yes anyone who can read it can copy it. So you’d need to weigh the pros and cons of publishing the source. I’d assume not many people would be interested as there are many cms’ around, many of which that are not “several years out of date”, has large communities and tons of plugins.


Yeah, what @JimL said. Nobody is going to want an outdated CMS of which there are already jillions of current ones to choose from. If you are really that concerned, put it on BitBucket in a private repo (free) and then PM the access to those you want to be able to view it.


True about it being out of date and not many people wanting it. There is really only one piece of code that I’m protective of and that is the object oriented on the fly pedigree builder. I’ve gotten inquiries about buying that as recently as last month. That was actually the first php I ever wrote and then was rewritten by a brilliant mathematician - it’s truly a work of art. Ah well - guess it doesn’t really matter if the rest of the mess doesn’t work, right?

My old coder and I did try to get it on Github once - let me see if it’s still there.


A google search for Php pedigree builder yields 477,000 results.


Well now, haven’t I been cut down to size? Guess it’s not really important then is it.


Lol! The point was you probably don’t have to worry about somebody stealing your code. Post it up on a repository and we will be happy to review it for you. You can always delete it afterwards or make it a private Repository.