Help installing topsite

Im trying to install aardvark topsites v4.0.2 :slight_smile:
and it says to upload all the files into a dictionary so I made /topsite
and it says to edit
CHMOD 666 config.php

Whats 666 mean? I see config.php and I dont know what it means? I dont have a folder named 666 or anything??

Chmod is basically setting the properties on a file, you do this through your FTP program, If your using explorer as your ftp program it doesn’t have that ability that I know of…

If you are using Absolute Ftp (like me) you simply right click on the file and select properties, and in the attributes box type 666 then press ok

CHMOD 666 means you’ll be giving this file the following permissions:
0 - no access
1 - execute access
2 - write access
4 - read access

So adding these together:
3 (1 + 2) - write + execute access
5 (1 + 4) - read + execute access
6 (2 + 4) - read + write access
7 (1 + 2 + 4) - all access

First number is for the Owner, second is for the owner’s group, third is for Everyone.

666 gives read + write access to the Onwer, the group AND everyone else.
See also PHP’s CHMOD.

ok, I see now, Thanks both of you for helping me. I still couldnt get it working though. I couldnt even install phpbb forums but o well. Thanks

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