Help in my contact form

Well, I want to know how to make the radio buttons which I made in the bellow form be in the message of the contact form, which will visitors press send to my email

what to add exactly

everything is okay except the radio buttons :’(

@I’m Noob in php btw.


<?php $action=$_REQUEST['action']; if ($action=="") /* display the contact form */ { ?>
<form  action="" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> 
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="submit"> 
<input name="name" type="text" value="أكتب أسمك هنا" size="30"/><br> 
بريدك لإلكتروني:<br> 
<input name="email" type="text" value="أكتب إيميلك هنا" size="30"/><br> 
رقم هاتفك للتواصل واي معلومات اخرى تريد إضافتها:<br> 
<textarea name="message" rows="9" cols="40"></textarea><br>  

اختر نوع السيرفر ومدته:

(نيوكامد 3 شهور (جزيرة و ارتي بـ 30 جنيه مصري :
(سيسكام 3 شهور (بـ 50 جنيه مصري :
(النيوكامد 6 شهور (نايل سات بـ 60 جنيه مصري:
(السيسكام 6 شهور (نايل سات وهوتبيرد بـ 80 جنيه مصري:
السيسكام شامل كل الأقمار بـ 100 جنيه مصري:
(سيسكام 3 شهور (نايل سات + هوتبيرد بـ 40 جنيه مصري:
<input type="submit" value="إرسال"/> 
<input type="reset" value="مسح الكل"/>

else /* send the submitted data */

if (($name=="")||($email=="")||($message==""))

    echo "All fields are required, please fill <a href=\"\">the form</a> again."; 

    $from="From: $name<$email>\r\nReturn-path: $email";
    $subject="prince for ever"; 
    mail("[email protected]", $subject, $message, $from);

    echo "Email sent!"; 

?> [/php]

–Edited To Fix Formatting

H B K,

You’re English is a rough, but I think you what you need to do is this…

Add this:

[php]$type =$_POST[‘type’];[/php]



Then change:

[php] mail("[email protected]", $subject, $message, $from);[/php]


[php] mail("[email protected]", $subject, $message . ’ \r\nSelected Type: ’ . $type , $from);[/php]

So what we are doing is combining the message with the radio button, theirs a lot of different ways to do this…

But I don’t read Arabic, so it’s hard for me to understand how your email is being composed.

Worked buddy thank you ! :smiley:

But how to align everything in center?
and how to make color background
or how to make an image is a background

and at last how to make in php ?

So many questions, all of them are answered in the code below…



This is my title [/php]








BEST PHP helping ever :D!

Topic Solved ;D

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