help in msaccess2007 and php



$query19=“select * from billing where b_no=$bno”;



for($i=0;$i<=$r;$i++) {
if(isset($itm[$i]) && isset($qty[$i])) {
echo “item”.$itm[$i];
echo “qty”.$qty[$i];
echo “

else {
echo “no records found”;

else {
echo “enter bill no”;

this is my code for fetching records by passing a bill number . it runs fine if i pass a bill number which is present in the table but if i pass a bill number ($bno ) which is not present in the billing table then also the control goes to if statement and executes explode function and all.
basically my question is how to validate hte select query .


i don’t know what kind of object $query19 is.

try a print_r($rs19) with a none existing bno

$rs19 might always be an array. in that case “if($rs19)” does not fail unless $rs19 is an empty array.
maybe there is something in $rs19 like $rs19[‘numberofrows’] or $rs19[‘errornr’] to check for success