Help Guys...ASAP

Ok…So I figured out my other issues…and now im at a loss here…just trying to do some test work before doing what i actually want to

I have a mysql database (credit) and a table (application) with 11 false records, the columns are ID (255 int, primary key, auto_increment), FullName (varchar 75), StreetAddress (varchar 50), City (varchar 50), State (char 2), Zip (char 5), PhoneNum (char 12), and ReqCredit (int 6), all are NOT NULL…

The database isnt my problem, I cant get this all to idsplay in browser window in table…

The browser i want to also display how many “credit requests” there are, Total $$ Amount requested, And how much of a pre-defined bank limit is availble…any help guys? I am working for a bank and they want to revamp their system and so stuff kinda like this for not only credit requests, but also for customer accounts and stuff so im practicing up before even suggesting my idea…

What query are you using for this? With a few modifications you can get all the info stored to display, and how you display it is a layout issue -> HTML.

Yes, but my HTML is going to be in the same doc as my php

To Display all, a simple “SELEET * FROM application;” Would Work I would think

Depends. What does your database look like, what information is stored in it and how are you retrieving and parsing the information, before sending it to the browser? Those things are important to work out before actually starting to work on your implementation.

You can use ‘SELECT * FROM application’, yes, but if this script is going to be used by 5000 people at any one time, while there are 100k+ rows and a significant number of columns, the query will crash your server’s resources (or at least block them long enough for the users to actually experience an application hangup), or it’ll simply timeout.

You need to work out what needs to be retrieved at what point, how to optimalize that and how to parse it into something readable by a browser (and ultimately, the end user). Be sure to have solid knowledge on what you’re trying to do, and work out what your limits are, before proposing a project like this. Especially since you’re saying it’s for a bank, in which case the top priority would be security, you’ll want to be very solid in your case, so you can prevent nasty surprises that may occur later on. Your boss will like it better that way too :wink:

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