Help Finding a Platform that will Upload this Product List


I have this product list that I am going to upload to the site I create. The problem Is I dont know a service that will accept this formatting. The client wanted to use Shopify but the file wont upload. I’m used to Wordpress and Woocommerce.This one file has 46,000+ products. Any help is appreciated!



You dont upload it, you import it. Assuming a MySQL or MariaDB DB you would use mysqlimport


Sorry, that’s what I meant import, so do you think a Woocommerce site would take this if I imported it?


Well, do you mean that you want to put it into a database? Or do you mean you are planning to leave it in Excel format? Either can be done. But, I would use MySQL. Any hosting company can do that. 46 thousand rows of data is small these days, so it is not an issue. If you are creating a WordPress website, you would need to install it, import your data to your database and set up your site, etc. Do you know how to program PHP?

I think we would need to know more about what you need help with. WordPress and WooCommerce are platforms that give you an ADMIN panel to handle the data and layouts and a front-end that the users visit. But, if you are designing a website from scratch, you would need to create your own admin panel and the entire site.

To import your data into Shopify, you save it as a CSV file. Then, you just import it into the system. Here is the steps from Shopify… Shopify Data Importing


If they can format the file like that then yes. Other than that do you think woocommerce could take that file? Ive exported products and imported them but not configure a MySQL for it.


Excel files are basically set up in database format. Each row is a row in a database. Each col is a field in the database. To import them into a database, you save it as a CSV file. You can then set up your database to match the columns in your Excel sheet. Once you create a table with the same layout, you just use the import function in your control panel in the hosting panel. In there, you can open your phpMyAdmin for the database and import it there. It is quite easy to do.

For Shopify, you need to follow the instructions on that link. This is assuming you already installed Shopify, set up your company, set up your data layout with all of the fields in your spreadsheet. Then, you can import it that way. Either way should work for you…

WooCommerce is designed as a WordPress platform. It also can import data from your spreadsheet as long as you save it as a CSV file. Here is a link that explains how to do that, too. Data Import into WooCommerce