Help Extracting info from csv input

Hi All,

I am very new to php and trying to learn… its not as easy as it looks so any help would be good.

I know its alot to ask without code but i would not know where to start with it.

Basically I have a website that allows an upload via a form and all the info from the export (csv) is in one field.

I have 2 fields one for the name of the person uploading and all the csv info in the other field.

The csv field has 34 columns with upto 150 rows of info…is there a simple way of going through each row and splitting the info up into fields within an sql table…

The table has all the field names the same as the column header from the csv upload…

tbl_resources has 35 fields with the first one being the name of the user (uploading the info) and the other 34 being the same as the uploaded csv info that was in one field.

The csv format upload is in just 1 field and needs to be seperated into a table with all the info in different related fields.

If you require any further info please let me know…

Thanks in advance


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