Help converting vbscript code to php code

i got some vbscript code from the internet somewere and i’m trying to convert it to php. and no matter what i try i keep getting this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘stripos’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘(’ in C:\UwAmp\www\matrix\matrix.php on line 148

heres the code

    If InStr(1, clj, "<span", 1)>0 Then - original vbscript code
     if stripos(1, $clj, "<span", 1) > 0) { - my php code
    vbscript InSTR command

    php strpos command
    strpos(string,find,start) - php strpos command

what am i doing wrong i’ve tried everything i even tried stripos but no luck with that either… i seen somewere they had a / right after the
<span so i think something like this maybe not sure lol
if stripos(1, $clj, “<span/”, 1) > 0) { i did try it and didn’t do anything
still same error.

if you want the full code i can paste it somewere its kinda long…

thanks for any help u can give

syntax error, unexpected ‘stripos’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘(’

PHP has told you what’s going on here. It expected to see an opening brace ( but saw the name stripos instead. PHP expects if statements to have braces around the conditional, as shown below:

if (stripos(1, $clj, "<span", 1) > 0) {

Thanks skawid i’m gonna try it thanks again

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