Help Combining 2 PHP Scripts.


Im really new to php, and i am trying to make a login system for my website, but im having trouble getting a finished product.

I was looking at this login script at:

and i really liked the interface. But i then found this script:

and liked the way the loging administration is set up to manage users. The cool-login (first link) one is very simple, with no type of administration. What i wanted to do is completely remove the login system that is used in the cool-login (first link) script, and just substitute the the login with administration (second link) in its place. So that way, the system will still look like the login in the first link, but have the attributes of the second link.

Since i am new at php, im having trouble replacing the first login and replacing in the one with administration.
Any Help Will Greatly Be Appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

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