Help! call a function from a class which return from function of another class.

this is my example:
class A
public function testing()
{echo “I am a function of class a”;}

require_once (“classa.php”);
class B
private $classa = new A();

public function getA()
return $this->classa;

and this is how I call in my php page:

$classb= new B ();
$classb->getA()->testing(); // not work

even I try to change classa to public and use:

$classb->{classa->testing()} // not work
$classb->{$classb->classa}()->testing() //not work
$classb->classa->testing() // not work
$classb::classa->testing() // not work
$classb::classa::testing() // not work

I know we can create some function in class b to call function from class a. But in class a, I create about 20 functions and i don’t want to create the same 20 functions in class b. I hope I can call it directly from class a.

Anyone know about this. Please help!

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