HELP!! - Boolean edit field in PHP -radio button group???

This is an edit field on a php edit records page (for a car sales site), created with Dreamweaver MX. The field, ‘stereo’, is boolean and must only accept the values, 0 (no, car does not have stereo) and 1 (yes, car has stereo).


How do I code this instead on a radio button group, or similar?

Again, this is a PHPHelp forum. We provide HELP on PHP. This is NOT the HTML Help for HTML help, (again, thanks for the hint to Carella) please check

Look, I know HTML… It is PHP I am unfamiliar with, and as far as I’m concerned, this is a PHP problem, as it involves dynamic content being edited…

Hi joh,

You can use a few things to get your boolean data, like an if statement, or a switch statement, however in these situations I like to use whats called a Ternary Operator.

Like this:



If $row_Recordset1[‘Stereo’] has some data, then it will be true and display 1, if not, it will be false and display 0.

Hope that works.


Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks Carella

Wouldn’t this be more like:

<input type="text" name="Stereo" value="1"<?php echo $row_Recordset1['Stereo'] ? " checked" : NULL; ?>" size="32"> 

Not if its a text input field I dont think. :)

Ouch! I’m working on multi-form input to locked xml hotfile, and I made classes for different inputs - had been staring at checkboxes and radiobuttons for like 2 hours when I read that - didn’t even notice it was a text field. My bad, sorry if I confused anyone, I’ll make sure not to forget the coffee tomorrow.

LOL! Don`t worry, I know the feeling.

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