Help avoiding Norton


I have a news script in PHP and using MySQL.

An page uses a javascript tag to call on the information from the main (installed) server.

As the javascript tag can be copied from the source code of a page and added to someone elses page I wanted to prevent this from happening.

As the script is used on a few different servers to display specific information from the main MySQL database I wanted some security put into the script.

The programmer added a referrer option which I thought was fine at first.

This allowed me to specify specific domain names that were allowed to display the news.

Then Norton came along and ruined it all

Norton Internet Security or Firewall both block the referrer from being sent so then the end user does not get the news at all.

Can anyone think of some other way to provide a check to see if the domain, site, or page is allowed to access the data?

Can some sort of liscense code or key file be used perhaps?

I am open to any suggestions…thanks for your time.


Can you not use something like this:

$site = "";

$referer = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’];

if (strstr(strtolower($referer), $site))


//allow data