Help Adding a Third Group



I currently have a website built on templates. A user can sign in as one of two groups–either a job seeker or an employer. The main listing template for these groups using an If statement–If an employer do this, otherwise, do this. However, I need to add a second Employer group (non-profits). I’ve tried using an If/EvenIf statement but it adds 2 “my account” buttons on the top menu and isn’t working. The new employer group will be identical to the existing employer group except the membership packages will differ. What statements can I use so that all three of these groups are recognized:

  1. if jobseeker ID, do x;
  2. If employer ID, do x;
  3. If employer1 ID, do x?

I’d appreciate any help you can give me. I’m have very basic programming language knowledge but I think if someone can point me in the right direction, I can make this work.

Thanks so much in advance,



You need to use IF-ELSE not IF-EVEN… Something like this (Only a layout not actual code!)

if($jobseekerID=‘1’) {
//do some code for this compare…
}elseif($jobseekerID=“2” || employerID’3’){
//do some code for jobseeker=2 and employerid=3…
// do some code if none of the above is true, like display error…

Hope that helps… Good luck…