HelloSign API PHP callback webhooks

I want to listen to the callback event " signature_request_all_signed " - how do I code this?

After that I then will use the below code to GET the completed document:

$client = new HelloSign\Client(‘SIGN_IN_AND_CREATE_API_KEY_FIRST’);
$client->getFiles(‘fa5c8a0b0f492d768749333ad6fcc214c111e967’, $dest_file_path, HelloSign\SignatureRequest::FILE_TYPE_PDF);

Documentation is here https://app.hellosign.com/api/signatureRequestWalkthrough#GetStatus

Hi @jaybo:

First of all, you’re going to need to point your HelloSign account to an endpoint on your side (A particular URL designed to handle the HelloSign system request).

Inside it you’ll probably want to put the code you’re showing.

The exact details of the implementation depend on the way your site is structured.


great thank you! I have experienced issues with other projects where (since I am using a development server) I have tried to put in the IP for the callback address but it gives an error.

Should I not be using the IP, if not how would I create the URL when using a development server opposed to localhost address.

I am working with linux on an apache server.

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