Hello, problem with jQuery and PHP please help!

I created instant search for users,but when i add it into my website,it screw everything up when i start writing.If anyone capable of helping me,please add me to skype: greatempire123


It would help us a lot if you would display your code here for us to see so we can help you. Make sure you use the ‘php’ button on the toolbar above the input field to encapsulate your code. Also, make sure all the information is up to date in your code to reflect you moving everything to your web server. If you were coding on a local machine and used that to test your code, some of the information may need to be updated to reflect the server’s information.


Thank you for your respond,but i already solved the problem :slight_smile: Im still glad tho i joined this forum,is a really great place.Will consider your reply tho in future :slight_smile:

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