Hello my follow web developers

Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan, Jon for short and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been scripting for about a year half now. I’m knowledge in HTML, CSS, and hope to be knowledge in PHP in the following year. I love scripting. Scripting is what I do about 90% of my time, the other 10% I’m off looking around at W3schools or thinking of creative ideas. I’m runing my own website at http://topgamehq.com/index.php . I use to love gaming before I got into scripting, now like I said that all I do. I’m a very easy going person and very smart in a lot of thing. I’m kinda a slow learner, but once I understand it, it stays with me forever.

That it for me now, happy scripting!

Welcome Jon,
Glad to have you aboard. I hope find this forum help in enlightening as I and others have.

Happy Coding!

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