Hello i have problem with requset php fortnite login epic

The problem is The Request have 2 Form one HTML and submit with Ajax
i don’t now where is my problem more then 1 month i have trying to do login with it
that TOKEN its not change and cookies same
when i use the script that show me
Sorry, it appears that you have tried to submit the form twice. Please click only once.

its should me show
Sorry the credentials you are using are invalid.
Help me.
my codes

Not  getting help

the error message “Sorry, it appears that you have tried to submit the form twice” does not appear in your code.

the problem the website submit using ajax submit not form
com.epicgames.account.web.load(function() {
if (window.dfp && window.dfp.hasOwnProperty(‘doFpt’)) {

and i don’t now how to make it

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