Hello, I am Phae.


Hello everyone. My apologies for not making an introduction earlier! Today marks my fourth day ever trying to code in PHP, and I’ve made quite a bit of progress, but alas, my manners may have fallen to the wayside in the drive to create the project which served as the inspiration for my PHP learning.

I am an adult college student currently back in school to develop a technical career (whereas before I was a factory worker). But that’s not why I am here. I’m here because I wanted to create a nice page for a group of people who have sick cats to share their needs and make “send positive energy” requests (a lot of people would them prayer requests, but being agnostic and wanting to allow for all participants’ religions or lack thereof, I decided not to brand it as such).

I have been writing HTML and CSS webpages (and stylish styles) for many years, and really just never bothered learning scripting because I could generally find snippets online and get the job done without really understanding how it worked. However, being in college and having a Java Programming class scheduled for this Fall (starting in just a couple weeks), I figured ironing out my reluctance to learn scripting now would be a good idea, thus, here I am!

In my free time -just kidding, I don’t have any free time- but if I had free time, I would enjoy disc golf and horseback riding, and someday I do hope to find the time to do those things. I’m also aiming to have a fast car again once I nail down this technical career with the income to support purchasing one. I’m leaning towards a Ariel Atom, although if I could get my hands on a 2017 Viper, that would be a dream come true, especially since they’re now collectible since ending production. Let’s see, um, I have 3 cats, a tank of fancy guppies, and no other pets. I live in Vermont in an apartment just off the common (so Vermonty), and I have a long-term romantic partner I’ll probably want to marry someday. I think that sums my life up! Nice to meet everyone!